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Animation has ruined my life

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Josh, I'm going to be honest with you; it had great animation, but wasn't funny.

you had me at "from Zeurel:"

O_O I think I made a face similar to theirs at the end of the trailer...

Fav'd it halfway through watching. Can't wait!

can't wait for the ever exuberant bouncy animation! in some of your old videos you had tweened some of the characters due to memory limitations (such as CW down to earth). will that be as much of an issue for this series or not (just curious is all, series will be fun to watch regardless). do any of these other animators submit vids to newgrounds?

All depends on how well behaved flash is really. Currently i can hold up to 5 minutes of pure frame by frame before crappy itself so hopefully I we can do it all that way. The other animators I have worked with on this don't really submit to newgrounds, they're more youtube, dA and tumblr.

As excited as I am for this, I am still waiting for the next episode of Civil War.

Are yoo peepared?

Hey Zeurel:

Ok, I have to take this out of my system, why? because I am an animator an it simply affects me lol.

I love the quality of your animation, and I find you a fast and very dedicated animator, damn, I wish I could animate so much as you.... but....

I hate your style since everything that isn't Pontahh (pretty much), elements like the way you draw teeths so big, makes every expression look more stupid or silly. If you are going for that its ok, I just wished you tried something different. I dont find them funnier, more like forcing something to be funny.

Also, what's with all your recent hating to animators that animate videogame parodies? I get that upsets you the fact that people with talent may try to animate something "original" as you say instead of parodies. The fact is that is that some of us dont want to make that "original" stuff, we just love to animate for the sake of animating something and making people enjoy our work. Not everyone is you, but you influence in a lot of people and it got me mad when you freely strong critiqued a work like "Zubatman" made by Terminal Montage, only pointing stuff like that "People animating parodies should do best" with words like "easy and cheap", when the dude animated 2 minutes with cool frame by frame stuff, and you know how hard is to get that done.

Any way, I'll still follow you obviously, but I dont get as excited as I used to be with every new cartoon you release, and even less if you post a comment. You could say "Psh, turn Show Uploads only", but hey, it doesn't work that way and I like to see what you people review or recommend.

Finally, this is just a critique to YOU mr. You probably don't even know me but if you are like me, you would consider what every followers have to say about you. It may affect you, it may not, take it through the hate way or consider it.

That's all I have to say, for now... lol. Sorry for some of the hating in my words, it kinda deflated while I was writting.


I'd agree with you if that many lick of sense


Why pair up a crow and a tumor thing? It seems weird. Not a funny weird mind you, it seems really out of place.

where is afro baby?

Who are the voice actors? Are we to expect guest voice actors? This-- I must know.