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Voice actors / Animators wanted!

Posted by Zeurel - July 13th, 2020

Long time, eh Newgrounds?

Calling Voice actors and Animators; Well, after 5 long years of saving up I finally have enough money to make an animated pilot! And I'm gonna need your help to bring it to life! Follow this thread for animator and voice actor applications if interested!


Voice actors: If you're interested, here is a link to a google doc with all the information you should need!;

Voice actor audition guide

Animators! If you're interested, here is a link to a google doc with all the information you should need!;

Animator submission guide

Thanks again~!




@DomAndFroShow Sent my auditions in the other day! This project looks amazing! I'm hoping Zeurel likes my auditions :)

Sent my auditions in the other day! I hope you like what you hear! This was extremely fun to audition for!

Completely interested!

I'm definitely interested! I don't know which character to choose, so I'll just audition for 'em all!

Congrats Zeurel! Living the dream. I hope it all works out for you!

Definitely interested! I'll have to look for my higher quality mic and check the background noise but I would love to audition when I get the chance!

I'd hate myself if I missed out on this. I'll have an audition in soon.

Cool ether i could voice a dinosaur or ether a timid ginger cat?.

I've spread this far and wide, I fear that my voice shall not contribute the most, But I want the widest pool for you, and since you're the most prolific animator I know, anything I can do for you to give back to you what you've done for millions across the net is the least I can do, short of straight paycheques.

Sounds cool! Congratulations! It gonna be fun.

Definitely Auditioning!

It looks amazing! Sent some auditions in a couple days ago, I hope you like!

Definitely going to submit an audition. I'm new to voice acting though I have done it for fun for a while. Still hope it sounds good.

I Already sent mines.

Sent my animation stuff in, If the prices are too high for you... we can haggle. I'd be sooo stoked to get to work on this project with you!

Audition sent! Can't wait to see how this turns out! Good luck to everyone who applied!

Alright then

Two of them are pretty familiar........

What about Dead Earth Boy and Creepy Silent Girl that was with them in an older toon?