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Voice acting tryouts

Posted by Zeurel - September 5th, 2013

Holding voice acting tryouts for 6 Pokemon; Caanon the Conkeldurr, Big Mac the Volcarona, Wheatley the Ferrothorn, Ozwald the Zoroark, Sir Digby the Jellicent and Ziltoid the Reuniclus.

Copy and paste the address below to download the text file about how to audition.


Follow the instructions carefully.

Do note that the higher quality of sound, the better chance of you getting the part.

A helpful video to improve audio quality; http://youtu.be/r90Xy9eIU8E

I'll have these auditions open until the end of September

Thanks and have fun!

Voice acting tryouts


Comments (28)

Not up for the audition but glad to hear something from you. It's been awhile since I've seen your videos when it was summer break back in 10' I think.. but anywho, Cant wait for your newest videos to be release in the future. :D

Aw man, this looks like soooo much fun!
I'd kill to be able to voice one of these but I don't think I have enough vocal range.

I'll see if I can't bug one of my buddies with recording equipment and try out, just for shits!

Oh Sab, you beast~ <3

Such a great artist, i'd be your bitch any day.

I'm actually going to audition for this! I got a new microphone and set up a really crappy sound proof studio last night, I hope I can be any of these characters.

I'll be auditioning soon!

On it!

I will audition :3

Mmmm YYYEESSSS you better~!

I shall be auditioning!

Hell yeah :P Sending my audio clips over tomorrow or saturday :P


I'm going to audition. I'll keep retrying my entries until they sound MORE PERFECT than peanut butter and chocolate. Which sounds very good. Like, right now.

I have only one thing to say . . . who the hell are these Pokemon ?

Is that a Devin Townsend reference I see?


Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. But by god, I will try anyway.

This looks REALLY awesome. Ima see if my voice powers will actually work for once.

Mmmm! I am SO auditioning. Glad Jaxxy pointed this out to me.

Finally, you're releasing new stuff onto Newgrounds. How long ago was your last submission here?

Can I not audition

Awesome, something new on the way huh? Your voice tryout seems like it might be something fun for even an average guy such as myself to try. Hell I might give it a shot for kicks. (Nice video link i'm totally with you on audio quality I used to work in an audio room with all the nice Acoustic Foam Walls) Anyway looking forward to your next submission.

Ill send my test line audio wednesday, if youre still accepting auditions by then

I haven't been too busy in the Newgrounds world lately, but this is something I can't pass up.
Of course, we already know TomaMoto is getting a spot.

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