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Voice acting tryouts

2013-09-05 16:30:53 by Zeurel

Holding voice acting tryouts for 6 Pokemon; Caanon the Conkeldurr, Big Mac the Volcarona, Wheatley the Ferrothorn, Ozwald the Zoroark, Sir Digby the Jellicent and Ziltoid the Reuniclus.

Copy and paste the address below to download the text file about how to audition.


Follow the instructions carefully.

Do note that the higher quality of sound, the better chance of you getting the part.

A helpful video to improve audio quality; http://youtu.be/r90Xy9eIU8E

I'll have these auditions open until the end of September

Thanks and have fun!

Voice acting tryouts

Super animation stream is go

2013-02-22 12:21:18 by Zeurel

Come watch me animate lady parts!

http://www.livestream.com/zeurelsanimationmadnes s

It's 4:46am and i can't sleep

So it's animation stream time!

http://www.livestream.com/zeurelsanimationmadnes s

http://www.livestream.com/zeurelsanimationmadnes s

Don't think I've ever posted a link to my animation streams, so here is one now~

Stay a while and listen~

Happy Halloween!

2012-10-31 19:30:39 by Zeurel

Happy Halloween everybodeh!

To celebrate, here's a super duper HD version of everyones favourite stuffed Bear Bear~

(I was going to make something else for this years Halloween but with all these projects piling up I could not. Maybe next year~ )


You were not prepared.

Adventure is coming...

2012-08-27 19:17:49 by Zeurel

Adventure is coming to Newgrounds...

...are yo' pwepared?

We've found our music man~~

2012-08-21 13:01:31 by Zeurel

Say hello to Mr Intero!


Big thanks to all those who applied.

Looking for Talented Musicians!

2012-07-16 12:47:04 by Zeurel

Remember that series I mentioned years ago? Well it's finally taken off and now all my team needs are talented musicians!

If you're interested, please email me samples of your work at zeurel@hotmail.com

This project has the potiental to be quite a hit so making some money off of this might be possible~


The Locals, animated short

2012-03-03 04:44:45 by Zeurel

WELL, here's a little animated short I helped...uh, animate.

Enjoy its retardedness!